Private Therapists in Our Area

This listing does not construe responsibility nor qualifications for services; it is merely a listing of known counselors in this geographical vicinity.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-842-8979

Name Telephone
Alpine Health Clinic 926-5105
Maureen Hicks, Ph.D 340-1149
Diane Montag, MFT 926-1530
Steven Bulcroft, MFT
of Cascade Counseling
Kathy Cullison, MFT 842-9668
John Cunningham, MFT 926-5888
Stan Drucker, LCSW 926-2542
Robert Hughes, Psy.D. 926-1436
Anita Kemp, Ph.D. 244-6131
Anna Klimaszewski, MFT 926-0432
Pat Look, MFT 938-4217
Northern Valley Catholic
Social Services
841-1783 or
Teri Resh, LCSW 926-5056
Inge Weinberg, MFT 842-5571
Leila Whitcombe, MFT 926-5650
Judy Yawman-Adams, MFT 842-0600
Evelyn Mann-Wilder, LCSW 842-9668
Susan Martin, MFT 842-3009
Tonyt Mills, MFT 925-2188
McCloud Healthcare Clinic 964-2389
Janis Laiacona, RN, CCNS 859-0723
Deborah McCoy, LCSW 926-1989 or
Kristin E. Barry, Ph.D. 926-1592

Oregon Therapists

Jennifer Hall, DSW 541-482-2435
Jeannette Larson, LCSW