CUPCCAA Informal Bidding Registration

The California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA) is under the umbrella of the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Account Commission (CUPCCAC) and provides for alternative bidding procedures when an agency performs public project work by contract.

a.  Public projects of $60,000 or less may be performed by negotiated contract or by purchase order (PCC 22032(a)).

b.  Public projects of $200,000 or less may be let to contract by the informal bidding procedures (PCC 22032(b)).

c.  Public projects of more than $200,000 shall be let to contract by formal bidding procedures (PCC 22032(c)).

In November each year, participating districts place an ad in various construction trade journals and a newspaper of general circulation inviting all licensed contractors to submit the name of their firm to the district for inclusion on our District's list of qualified bidders for the following calendar year.

The Mount Shasta Union School District has completed all the necessary requirements to participate in this alternative bidding process and solicits your firm to register.

Please click here to start your application. Once completed, please submit your application to Barry Barnhart by email at If you have any questions, please contact Barry Barnhart at (530) 926-6007.